Orange County New York

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Just to inform people the Middletown, NY car show is starting up again for another season.
meeting place: Caldors parking lot on rt211, at around 9o'clock
what caldors, or middletown in general?

and if you have a better idea of where to meet than what is it?
nah, the location is alright
i haven't been there in years, but the last time i went it was just an unfriendly crowd
not sure if its the scene in general, but back in my day it used to be more chill, and people just bullshitting around

i guess thats the different between the import scene and the minitruck scene
Caldors hasnt existed for many moons. Best thing that old lot is known for now a days is Colandrea's Pizza. I may have to show up for a show for old times sake though. Afterall, I was born and raised in Middletown.