Out of these 3 TV's, which would you choose?

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The Insignia and the Dynex look good to me. It's really a toss up - The Insignia's a little bit cheaper but the Dynex has slightly better stats.

Either one would be fine though. For a smaller TV you really don't need a top of the line one. Having better stats (resolution, contrast ratio, etc.) is more important when you're talking about a giant screen...
insignia is basically best buys' store brand.

the toshiba is out, cuz its 720p. but it doesn't really matter on a 22" anyway.

never even heard of the other brand.

That said, Do you really know what you're getting into? a 22" widescreen tv is fucking useless beyond 2 feet of viewing distance. I have a 32" in my bedroom and sometimes i feel it's a bit small, especially watching things that have subtitles, or the credits, etc.
Dynex is also an in-store best buy brand. they are manufactured by sony, lg, samsung, whoever, but rebranded for best buy. the actual manufacturer varies by model.

and some others

are all in-store best buy brands.
I would lean towards the Toshiba, but i wouldnt buy any of those.
and 1080p means nothing on a TV that small.
Where is the Tv going?

Insinia models are pretty much older LG tv's re-badged. I would never buy a dynex product, ive herd/seen nothing good about them (i used to work at best buy) If i was you i would save my money and buy a sumsung or sony.
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The tv will be going in my room. Right now, I'm watching a 19" CRT TV, so the 22's are only slightly smaller vertically. The reason I threw up those tv's, is because the price is right. I know Dynex and Insignia are Best Buy brands, and while I haven't heard too many good things about Dynex, I have heard good stuff about Insignia
I have a 22" insignia for my room and it's perfect - not too big or small. have had it for about a year now and no problems whatsoever :thumbsup:
My mother in law has that dynex and its actually a pretty good tv. Im a quality junky and I still rip it apart, but the colors are pretty accurate, and its got decent contrast too. Upscaling isn't awesome, but it's pretty good. We bought the same TV for my grandmother in law as well and she doesnt seem bothered by it either, and I would have expected a hissy fit in moving to 16:9
the insignia lcd tvs are made by LG

I have a 32" insignia lcd in the bedroom and a 42" insignia plasma in the living room. and I love both for lower end tvs.

i would go with the insignia, I looked at the dynex at bestbuy when i got my 32" lcd and thought the picture on the insignia was better.
Thanks for all the replies guys. I've been heavily leaning towards the insignia, but I still haven't made up my mind for sure.
your best bet is go into the store and look at them closely, and if you dont like the one you get you can exchange it for a different one. I did. I had a 36" rca lcd that looked good at the store but once i got it home I hated the picture and it didnt have the connections i wanted. so I took it back and got the 42" insignia and couldnt be happier
Samsung. Fuck those three.

:thumbsup: What i said. If i were to buy an LCD tv (i wouldn't but..if ) it would be Samsung.

I wouldnt go any smaller than a 32". a 22" 16:9 is like watching a 13-15" tube tv. And a 32" 16:9 is comparable in size to 27" tube. If you mesure the height of the the screen, not diagonally

BTW i have a 42" Panasonic Plasma for my BR couldnt be happier with my the purchase. 1080p, 3 hdmi ports, optical, etc. Its a bad ass TV. Blacks are nice and dark, no purply tint like most low end LCD/plasmas have.
Yeah I have a 42" panasonic plasma too. Picture is great. But when I replace it I think I'm going to go LCD or led. The power usage of the plasma is what kills me. The plasma will use like 500w whereas an LCD will only pull like 70-100 and an led is better at like 30-40w.
Thanks for all the comments guys. But, let me reiterate something: I'm working with a limited budget here. If I didn't have a hundred bucks worth of Best Buy gift cards, I wouldn't be considering this purchase at all.
honestly i would hold off on the purchase and save up some more money to put towards a better TV