p6h/b probs help me out!!!!!!!

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let me start by saying that i no very little about cars but i like this site a lot you guys don't just brag about knowing you actually help idiots like me. so here is another one for you.

basically my 96h/b is acting up i just bought it about 3months ago and all the lights outside and instrumentals are flashing as if they are about to turn off. also at the same time the car is making reving sound when is at idle, as if i was giving it gas and then letting it go. basically it goes from about 500 to 1500rpms and the lights fluctuate with the sound. i was reading your forums and i thought that it might have been the distributor from what another member had said but a friend of mine says it might be the alternator.. have any of you experienced this..any ideas? i would like to fix it myself if its possible at my current skill level. thanks. jr.
it does sound like the alternater is about to go. take it out and have it tested at an auto parts store. and if the is still reving between 500 & 1500 it could be you have any air pocket in the coolant system, take off the radiator cap and let the car idle for 5-10 minutes, that hopefully will work.