P75 In 96 Del Sol

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D See 2

Senior Member
can i use a 96 integra (p75) obd2 ecu in my 96 del sol S model. no vtec?
since when do you have a del sol?

and yes- it will plug in... but will it over run that d16y7, yes it will
i just put a d16y8 in my fiends del sol S(d16y7) (just finished yesterday) and we keep getting code 14 and code 91. we're using a p2p vtec ecu. so i planned on maybe using that p75 ecu and getting a VAFC. i know 14 is IACV (the stock harness had a 3 wire sensor and the new manifold has the 2 wire sensor) and we had to run the wires for it directly to the ecu but it still doesnt work. help anyone?