Pacesetter Monza Exhaust?

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I was looking around for an exhaust system for my CRX HF (89) and i was wondering if the $200 Monza System was any good, i heard it rusts out quick, but i could try and put some rustoleum on it to prevent that... does anyone have any pics of this on a crx? does it look good ? sound good? or what, i only have bout 200 for an exhaust system... so this is all i can afford... thanks for your help PLEASE POST PICS IF YOU HAVE THEM!! thanks
i had one when i first got my car. it is terrible.
sounds like an old man beating an duck with a boat oar.

get a cheap universal muffler and have pipes bent for you. that'll be around 200
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Mar 24 2003, 05:45 PM
sounds like an old man beating an duck with a boat oar.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
well.... its worth it to buy the piping ( which would run you the same ) but trash the muffler and get something else, the tip is gonna rust out and the muffler sounds ok.....compared to stock.....i had a cat-back from them ( 96 civic coupe) and it didnt give me the sound i wanted at all.... .nor the performance. so i went and had the piping welded together and got a stainless muffler welded on ( monza gives you a " rolled" black muffler and big yellow tip) and becarefull if you plan on or have already lowered your car.... you will probally need to get a new piece of pipe welded on for suspension travel puposes ( extremly loud knock when hitting bumps) over all bad friend has an '88 need all the horsepower you can get ( no offense)

monza exuast: $120
stainless steel muffler with 4.50 tip: $105
welding pipes together: $35
throwin that hunk of shit muffler in my neighbors yard: mutha fuckin PRICELESS
( thats the last time his dog shit in my yard again)