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I have some crap i need to get rid of as soon as possible

- altezza tail lights for a 2 door 98 integra. these are practicly brand new.
I only had them on my car for two weeks. $ 100.00 shipped

- brand new Eibach front camber kit for an 98 integra $ 60.00 shipped

- race cat for 98 integra with o2 censor holes already drilled $ 80.00

- Zex kit (used), dry, $ 375.00 shipped
Any idea if that camber kit would work on a 93 Civic Ex?...I know some teg and civic stuff is interchangable but not sure if this is one of them.....if it is I'm interested......

Email me if you get the chance or hit me up on aol, msn, or yahoo @ nimblecivic
hey, the camber kit sould fit on your car since the integra is built on the same platform as the civic.
if you want it ill take cash or money order.
Yeah, I just checked Eibach's website and the part numbers are the same for a 98 Teg and a 93 Civic......

Email me your addy and how much ya want including shipping and I'll get a money order in the mail....

Does it have installation instructions because I don't have any idea how to install something like that......


Alright, ... :withstupid: ....60 shipped....I see that now..... ;) I'm guessing that's your bottomline price.....If you're needing any parts let me know and I can see if I have them......maybe we can work something out.....
Ill tell you what ill let the camber kit go for $ 50.00 dollars shipped. I really need to get rid of this stuff ass soon as possible.
It does have installation instructions.
If you want it email me your address and all send it out.
Just wonderin' if ya got my email....I was gonna paypal ya to get the money to ya faster...otherwise I can get you a m.o. in the mail mon. morning....Let me know what's up....thanks....