please help ive tried everything

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i drive a black misress
ive got a 1992 civic dx had a d15b7 in it i swapped in a d16y8 out of a 97 or 98 model i used the factory transmission and i swapped everything back to obd1 i changed the injectors the dizzy and the alt, so used the d15b7 wireharness. my problem is its gettin spark i tested it by pulling a spark plug and wire and layin it on the valve cover and i know its gettin fuel to the fuel rail but its not starting its just turning over.there are 2 plugs that are unplugged and i know there are supposed to be i think one went on the intake on the b7 and the other on the throttle body.if anybody can help me this would be helpful.oh and i know that the spark plug wires are plugged in right i looked at my buddies car to match them up so please help
im possitive but dont you have to change the injector clips
im using the obd1 injectors and my wireharness from my d15b7 yea i think they are i got to lookin at it today in the rain 4 a sec and itghink i may have a plug of on the driver side.when i pulled on it its next to the cam dont really know wat it goes to any help
i finally got it running but now when i give it some throttle it wants to cut out.if anyone has any ideas let me know