Please Help!!!!!

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Help - I need advice... I have a 96 civic coupe and its time to do a motor swap. I'm in no hurry but the D16 just isnt cutting it. I have an H22 head but I just got offered a good deal on a LS motor. The guy only wants $200 for complete motor and trans. I dont know if I should do an H22 swap or H22 head with H23 block or sell the head and do LS Vtec. I do have plans to boost it in the distant future, but I'm in no hurry. Or maybe I should do just a B16 swap and scrap everything? Like I said I need advice. I'm not trying to spend a fortune on my car, plus if something breaks I'd like it to be easily and quickly fixed - possibly junkyard. And what do you think about a boosted F22 Vtec - would that be pointless? I see those motors everywhere in the junkyard so it wouldn't be hard to get my hands on one, but I heard they were junk...?! Sorry this is so long but I have no idea what to do....... :eek:
Regardless of what you end up doing for a motor, I'd still pick up that LS--at $200, it's a really good price.

My vote goes for the LS swap. Later on if you do something different, everything will already be set up for a B swap, whether it's another B18, a B16, or a B20. The LS provides a great base for building off, too.
i agree... get the ls. you will have lots of options to move onto from there
What else would I need to do the Ls swap? Could I just keep everything off my civic or would I need a new ECU?