Power Steering Return Hose??

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So the seal(s) on my rack went out, and while putting in a new rack I decided to take a look at the reservior and the hoses...

And apparently the idiot I bought the car from has zip tied the reservior to the cooling lines because the clip on it is nowhere to be found. Because of this the return hose has been kind of tucked to the right of where the reservoir is and the hose is slightly crimped. I'm assuming this contributed if not completely caused the seals to go out on my rack.

I say all of this to ask; Would using a larger return hose than 3/8s cause me any problems? I think using a bigger hose might still allow the correct amount of fluid back into the reservoir even if it does crimp some. Because right now there's literally nothing I can do with the current hose to make it not crimp, and I'd rather like to keep my new rack's seals in tact.
Internal Dimension or Inside Diameter (ID)

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