pulling motor

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i wanted to know if hoisting the motor from the top is easier than taking it out from the bottom, any other tips on pulling it would be great. the axles are off and the exhaust is unbolted from the header all that is left is for me to pull it. car is a 95 civic hb, thanks
Do you have a lift?If so from the bottom is easier.If not then you don't have a choice eh?
Or hitting parts still mounted in the bay.But really if you only have a hoist,take off your hood and be careful and you'll be fine.
thanks guys the only thing i have been able to find is a hoist for 30 a day, do you think i could hoist the front of the car and pull the motor from underneath? put it on a wheel thing which i have and roll it out?
just rent the engine hoist and in two days you should be able to return it.
No because if you tilt the car it becomes harder to get the mounts to either come out or go back in lined up.As far as a lift are you in high school by anychance or near one?If so see if the auto shop will let you use theirs.
not in high school, but the one near me is real snotty and wouldnt let me do that so i'll just get the hoist. thanks again
Check your local mechanic or junkyard,I have found a few that during off hours are more than happy to rent out their lift.