Q about cam

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what exactly are jg 301 good for? what kinda gains? if someone knows anything about them or a web site that i could find somethin out about them i would appreciate it....thanx
can you post the specs on that cam, it'll make it easier to hepl ya out. not everyone know s the specs just by hearing what type it is. things needed to know.

advertised duration at .050
intake lift and duration
exhaust lift and duration
lobe center angle

those numbers would help out a bit.

and if you have these numbers it'd be even more descriptive

int opens int close exh opens exh close
exh stroke int stroke pwr stroke exh stroke

those number would be in degrees.
from what i can find- they appear to be turbo cams....

and some LS's running them have mad some pretty damn good power.....


wtf is jg an abbreviation for ? I'm looking for their web site but can't seem to find it

also some info I ran across

JG cams are all regrinds, meaning that they are all smaller than the
factory spec and have smaller base circle. Most people with JG cams
have to adjust their valves very often
regrinds suck.

JG is now JG Edlebrock... so these cams you are looking at are pretty old to say the least