Question about 1 peice front end??

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Is it legal to run a one peice front end on the street if i have all the lights?
if your running a 1 peice front end you will still need to have all of the bumper support shit in there (i still dont think it will be street legal though)... that makes it have no really sizable weight advantage over getting a CF hood and some FG or CF fenders... the whole point of the 1 peice front ends is they dont have bumper shit, they dont have any frame work, or lights (therefore they are light)... they are just there for areodynamics and to give it the look of the original car before it was tube framed...
doing it cuz it looks cool is pretty dumb IMO
No I wasn't doing it b/c it looks "cool" i was doing it for the weight and i thought it would be lighter than the cf hood & fenders
for safety and legal reasons then, i would say go with the CF hood and fenders