question about turbos

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hey guys im new to turbos and dont know a whole lot about them. a buddy of mine works at mazda and has a couple t3/t4 turbos from a mazda speed 6. are all t3/t4 turbos the same externally?( im sure internals are different from other t3/t4) but what i was wanting to know is if i were to buy a charge piping and inter cooler kit and oil lines and all that other stuff would it all mount to the turbo easily? like would it fit to the maniold piping kits the same as buying a full turbo kit? sorry if it seems like a dumb question,any help is greatly appreciated. thanks
if its a t3/t4 then yes it will mount up perfectly. i suspect that the turbo is internally wastegated, in which case youll need to have the flap welded shut on the turbo, or youll need to get a turbo manifold without a wastegate flange to retain the internal wastegate.

other than that, it should be the exact same as any other t3/t4 on the market.

edit: couldnt find the exact turbo size for a stock speed6,but i dont think its a t3t4, id suspect something smaller on that car since it makes peak torque at around 2krpms
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awesome thanks for the info. ill have to double check with him to see if infact it is a t3/t4. he said it was. how would i be able to tell by looking at it, cuz i think i might end up using this turbo either way just cuz ifs free,lol. thanks for the quick reply tho.
so i just check and the turbo he has is from a mazda cx7.