Question About Wiring?

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I will be putting my OBD-2 JDM ITR B18C into my OBD-1 92 Civic CX Hatch soon and i was wondering what all do i have to do to make it work as far as the wiring goes?

Will the clips on my motors harness clip right into the clips on my car that come from the firewall to the engine bay?

Also i have the OBD-2 Engine w/ECU so how am i going to clip my cars harness(obd-1) that comes from the firewall then to the inside of the car to the OBD-2 ECU for my motor?



use your civic harness.
swap out the injector plugs, get a b-series obd1 alternator, and use the civic distributor plugs as well. on the dizzy, the car will have 2 plugs, the motor will only have one... you need to combine them onto the itr plug. your car is a 92, so you already have wires run for vtec.


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what ECU are you going to use?

you will also need to convert to a 4 wire O2 sensor
and lengthen a few wires
depending on what ECU you use there might be a few more things to do