rare 92 zc type engine

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OK...here is what I need to know. I have been finding it so hard to find accurate zc info on the internet. How the hell can you tell if a zc is the 130hp output engine. I just recently bought a zc from attarco, everything looks the same, it has the oil to water cooler, says zc on the block, but some small things are different. for example, my si throttle body, which is supposed to be compatible, isn't. Another thing is the distributor doesn't have an internal coil, and it seems that the engine mounts are in the right position, but are off by about a centimeter. Anyone have any reliable information for me? The date stamp on the engine says 92. I have heard before that there are some zc engines out there that produce about 145 hp. Does anyone know why the engine I got is so different? Any help would be appreciated...thanks
There are sooooo many different types of ZC's. I look at it this way if its the DOHC ZC than its 130HP... If its SOHC than well less than 130HP! I have never heard of any ZC's being over 130HP in stock form! Whoever told you that is :sleep: