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i signed up
step 2 sent me an email with an addy to send money to, and to submit a business name???

wack shit
hacking ASP sites is fun too

PM me for a generic asp password that will let you login on 90% of sites that use asp if you know a login name :)
What are some examples of ASP sites?
I got to level two and couldn't figure out the login and pw in the source. Could someone show how to get past various levels?
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 25 2002, 04:58 PM
the old site i used to go to for practice was

still up i think. my best is level 5 or 6 i think. first one is easy, the others.... its tough. if you get farther than me- do tell!

that first one was a joke, the rest will have to wait until I'm not at work
B I got to level 7, still stuck on that one.
asp = active server pages.... micro$oft's version of web development like php, only it uses access or sql server /2k server instead of mysql/linux... and as we all know M$ is shit... and easy to hack into :)

not that i've ever done it.

#1 is a joke- but trust, it gets exponentially harder-- esp the flash movie ones...

hint-flash ones involve checking your cookies and temp internet files
brian u dunno how to do 5? i just dunno where to look..i mean i loaded it up with a text editor, then a hex editor..but i can only find a phony password..
i havent done it in years... my computer is fucked... lol for some reason i can't view source of things anymore.

I need to soon....

what is number 5?
#5 is the one where you dl the VB3 prog and its got an interface for name and password..and its got that phony name and password stashed in it when you view it in hex
i know nothing of computers but I got the 1st one real quick... i have no idea how to hack so i m fucked :D
Originally posted by asmallsol@Oct 26 2002, 01:18 PM
i have no idea how to hack and am stuck on the first level. someone show me how?

:werd: :withstupid:

it would be cool to find out passwords and shit, but i dont know anything about computers

is there an online hacking tutorial or something? :)