Rebuilt one of them there Ferrari 355 fancy-cars

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fuck outta here dildoskate. adults are talking.

Wil, I've been following this resto on FB/Snapchat. amazing work. The F355 was first car that I saw growing up and i was like "shit that's a hot fucking car, want!" I really liked the Spyder version.
This got me really turned on to the F355.

Good job wil, one day if we ever make it down to tx I'm going to call you up and tell you how you can't afford to not have me as a customer and get you to slip my car in TODAY. Or I'll just bring some beer and we can talk shit.
Im going to take a 1992 civic with zero problems to him. Tell him the tranny is bad and have him call me just to yell at me. Ill record it for everyone's amusement. #trollingwil
This got me really turned on to the F355.

I don't always launch in third, but when I do...

I still get to see/experience being around these high end rare cars when most of you just fap on the internet to them... and yes im the biggest tool on the truck