Reference Say H22a Throttle Body 60mm?

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I got a jdm motor and the reference page on this site says h22a are 60mm.. .I swear I double checked and its 62mm same as type r integras... is it because jdm motors are bigger or that page is incorrect?
Some parts of the articles are incorrect, if you have a shop manual, look in there, it will say--if not measure it, and convert the inches to MM (1 Millimeter equals 0.0393701 Inches)
i might be wrong... but the way i see it, if you go measure a 12 inch sub, it isnt actually 12 inches, its bigger, and the same goes for wheels as well, who knows?
a 12" sub is the size of the entire speaker, including the basket. The cone is like 11.X or another. A 10" sub is 9.75 i do believe.

As for a rim, a 15" rim (KMC Dupe) actually messure 16.25" face (from lip to lip)

goto and click the second forum and read the "SOHC" Revised blah blah thread. It is listed in there. All of the bores are.