Registering for a wedding turned into new bed?

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Some background....I have a king size King Koil Comfort Sensation Elite Hamilton Edition mattress, its on the softer side. i bought this bed in 2005 for $1800 and i was upgrading from basically a Motel 6 full size bed. To me the bed was obviously quite an upgrade.

My Fiance has a few ortho problems, especially with her back..and I haven't slept more then 2-3 hours a night for the past couple years....I came to the conclusion that the bed was just to soft....

last year we debated on a new bed, wasn't the right time.

So last Saturday my Fiance and I went to go register for our wedding at Bed Bath and Beyond(that Beyond part is crazy)..mind you we had no thoughts of buying a bed

Sleepy's happened to be right next door so we decided just for the heck of it to check out some beds....

We laid on just about everything(execept temperpedics or sleep numbers, garbage to me) without checking prices of anything.

We ended up trying on this Sterns and Foster and we both just looked at each other and were like....this bed is just awesome...nice and firm without being a rock...We spent a good 45 minutes in the store....didn't ask for prices...the guy there was really nice, didn't pressure, just let us know about each bed fearture....they guy was a walking Wikipedia on beds. He knew exactly what bed i already had and what it was made of and even told me how much i could sell it for on Craigslist($1200).

So with no intentions to buy anything, we thanked the gentleman and went next door to BB&B to register. We did this for aboiut 1.5 hours and it was about 8:40pm. Sleepy's was closing at 9pm.

After some discussion back and fourth we decided to price out the bed we really liked just for HAHA's.

We told the guy which one we liked and right away, he said, you have very expensive taste................................................................................

I was like, what else is new.....He told us all about the bed and he showed us other beds that compared...again not prices.....we tried them out...they weren't comparable. We just loved the one we laid on. Even the other Sterns and Foster ones didn't do it for us.

So he flips up the price card and I almost shit my pants....

Essentially we have 0% financing for 48 months at $100 a month to pay it off....which we will pay it off in 4 months.... but him to throw in 2 airplane head cusions, 2 sets of sheets, and two memory foam pillows(which are just insanley awesome, stays cool at night long $150 each).

I'm on night 5 of sleeping on it, all i can say is there is no way i have slept this good ever in my life....

i just lay on my back and fall right asleep....

unfortunately my fiance has been sick for over a week so she hasn't slept very well period....but she likes the bed a lot better then the one we have and she can't wait for her to get better to really get a chance to see how well she sleeps.


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Wow. Well they say you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. So might as well get something you want.


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Jesus. I thought 12 or 1300 was outrageous when we were looking. Still haven't agreed to it yet.

lay on a 1300 dollar bed, then lay on a 3000 dollar bed, there is a WORLD of difference. A crappy King size bed is about $1200.

If you sleep fine then a bed probably isn't that important to you. Some people can sleep in a stone chair and get a better night sleep then i was getting in a $1800 bed.

i feel so rejuvinated , it's a good feeling not to be dozing off in the afternoon at work


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My bed was 350 new. It kinda sucks, but it was cheap, and not 20 years old.


I hope you negotiated the price. I paid less than half of the sticker price on the bed I bought there.