remanufactured calipers

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where can i find some remanufactured calipers? i need a rear passenger side caliper for a 91 CRX si. can anyone help me out? also wut would be a good price to pay? i need this asap, so where can i get em? thanks
Originally posted by dohcvtec_accord@Dec 19 2002, 04:32 PM
Don't places like Auto Zone, Checker, Napa, etc carry reman'ed parts?

Yes they do. Go hit up a NAPA if there's one in your area- they're the most likely to have it.
how much is that gonna cost me? like if i went to auto zone
Originally posted by GSRCRXsi@Dec 19 2002, 09:58 PM
how much is that gonna cost me? like if i went to auto zone

I don't know Auto Zone's part catalog... why not call them and ask?
ok i called autozone today and the guy told me that a brand new rear caliper for a 91 CRX si was only 98 bucks plus a 80 dollar core charge. to me this doesnt sound right. does it sound right to anyone else, it seems as if it should be more.
i still thaought that a remanufactured one was gonna be like 150 bucks, let alone a brand new one? i thought a brand new one would be like 300-400+
well i have never bought them for my car but my brother bought them for his mazda mx6 turbo and they were about that price. Sure if you go buy spoon or some place like that, it is going to be a shit load of money but still for me $100 a side is a decent chunk of change (sorry i am poor) If you really want to spend a shit load of money go buy a wilwood (is that the right name?) brake set, they come with rotors, calipers and break lines for the all for wheels for like 800. If you just want oem stock calipers and want to waste you money call up honda and ask for their price on one, (normal 4 times the amount of autozone parts) and get the part #. Then go to and they will give you oem honda parts for alot less than what dealers charge.
i probably will get a wilwood lit down the road but right now im trying to replace a bad caliper. thanks for all your help.
yes, that price of 98+80(core) is right. they just want your old caliper back.
make sure that it has a lifetime warrenty!!
Just fyi, I bought a water pump a year ago from NAPA that took over 4 weeks to get there, and then broke after 7k miles and 13 months... gee, it wasn't under warranty, 13 months. I tried Carquest this time, and their warranty is 36 months, a much more resonable time. They also had the part for me the next day, and it cost less. Try Carquest out if you can, I trust them more than NAPA. (Also my uncle owns his own shop and he only buys from Carquest, and not NAPA)
Make sure of what your getting ,usually if they want a core it's because the company sells remanufactured parts. Not that it's necessarly a bad part because it's rebulit but the parts store should be honest. Also the price they are charging is in line with a rebulit part