rev lim kicks in at 3500

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k,heres the deal i got to foolin around w/my car which has a gsr in it,and i messed w/somethin,can anyone give me a general idea of what causes this...plz im open to any ideas/help...thanx..j
Well did it do this before you "messed" with stuff? And what exactly did you "mess" with. The ECU may have went into limp mode, causing the 3.5K rev limiter.
The ECU is in limp mode. There is a blue two prong connecter tucked up by the passenger side kick panel, jump the connections with a paper clip or a piece of wire. Turn the key on and count the flashes of the CEL. Start there that should give you an idea of where to start.
i did the paper clip and i cant even get it throw a code or even bink a thing ,its already on because of an o2 sensor,from past checking
Well if you could tell us what you did to fuck it all up and to pull the codes, not much more I can tell you We need a little background on the problem. :dunno:
i think the fricken joker that put the vtec controller in and had the car previouslydid a qwak job of it,because i think it started after i taped up the wires because it was just some dangling crap in there,sh!t should be soudered and or plugged together not spliced,i wanted to take the piece of crap out but its got a center console fabbed for it,those things are known to screw somethin up if not installed w/some common,i just hope i didnt fry the ecu,i was just hoping that someone had had this issue and maybe it was somethin else ...just my
does it not plug into anything?mine flashes a just tryimg to understand lol.
yeah, its all a learning process.
but no, it plugs into nothing.
its sole purpose is to touch the two prongs together with some metal so you can get a code if for some reason they arent flashing.
i did that as i already knew,but strangely it does not a blinks at all it just stays on ,i think maybe my ecu is starwars...piggy backs suck!