Reverse Indeglos

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I found them and they said it's for 95-96 Sol? but mine's a 93 Sol si... will they fit?
as long as you get the right tach display it will be the same ( s si vtec ) otherwise your redline will be off
it just doesnt seem like they would help in any way .... at night its distracting as hell to have all these huge ass lights right there in front of you when your trying to drive like an asshole :) .... reverse ones dont seem like they would be as bad but still distracting

E (who is easily distracted by shiny objects lol )
I kinda like having them, but that's because the light that is supposed to light my stock gauges at night doesn't light the Tach, just the speedo.
I like my reverses- they're marked up to 10k and 160mph so I know just how fast me and my engine are going.
i dont know where i say them but this one store had black gauges that had white LCD digital #'s on them. They looked pretty cool and i guess that they would be accurate to. The only thing is, i think that it would be a weird transtion from analog to digital tach you know?