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Mad scientist
I just HAD to take a picture of this... it was too good.

Story: I was on my way into Dallas Saturday (10/5/2002) afternoon, and I saw this on I-35E heading north. It was about 2:30pm. I saw this beauty (monstrosity) cruising a few lanes over... it was so good that I had to reach back, open up my briefcase, pull out the camera, then start taking pictures. I think he started to run away after he saw me snapping pics of his car. Oh well, I edited out the license plates just in case- I can still respect that, no matter how little I respect his car. I apologize for the quality of the pictures in advance- this was on the freeway, and under heavy zoom...

Well, here ya go:


Sky blue with z3 fenders, dual exhaust, double decker book shelf, and tezzas. I need a motion sickness (aka barf) bag.
good thing those were digital pics, would of been a waste of film
i cant find my cheap digi cam, i dont want to bring my moms olympois everywhere. I have 2 cheap digi cams too. There is some major rice around me
Someone should really let this guy know that his car is F'ing ugly cause apperantly he doesn't know!
i would go up to him and bitchslap him *insert animation here* if he lived around here
Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Oct 9 2002, 01:05 AM
there is a chevy berreta same shade of blue on 19's rollin in my town :ghey:

don't even get me started.. theres enough uncle bens in phoenix to feed china
you should see the drags here, some people should just kick themselves in the balls and save us the trouble.
the wing, and the paint, and the Z-3 fenders, and the Duals and the body kit, and the altezzas, and the Focals

then the car would be okay