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I just HAD to take a picture of this... it was too good.

Story: I was on my way into Dallas Saturday (10/5/2002) afternoon, and I saw this on I-35E heading north. It was about 2:30pm. I saw this beauty (monstrosity) cruising a few lanes over... it was so good that I had to reach back, open up my briefcase, pull out the camera, then start taking pictures. I think he started to run away after he saw me snapping pics of his car. Oh well, I edited out the license plates just in case- I can still respect that, no matter how little I respect his car. I apologize for the quality of the pictures in advance- this was on the freeway, and under heavy zoom...

Well, here ya go:



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Sky blue with z3 fenders, dual exhaust, double decker book shelf, and tezzas. I need a motion sickness (aka barf) bag.


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i cant find my cheap digi cam, i dont want to bring my moms olympois everywhere. I have 2 cheap digi cams too. There is some major rice around me

90 accord

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Originally posted by Smonkeyboy@Oct 9 2002, 01:05 AM
there is a chevy berreta same shade of blue on 19's rollin in my town :ghey:

don't even get me started.. theres enough uncle bens in phoenix to feed china


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the wing, and the paint, and the Z-3 fenders, and the Duals and the body kit, and the altezzas, and the Focals

then the car would be okay