Rims /wheels Weight

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Hey everyone here's one for monday moring, hope you all had a great weekend?

Well i'm just want to know how heavy a rims sould be? I'm guessing the lighter the better, right?
When it comes to size lets say a 15 inch rims, right , how heavy sould it be? And then a 16 inch rim, and then a 17 inch rim. Now the 15 could more then likely be a stock rim, but thats ok.
So again I just want to know some good weighs for rims from 15-17 inch inch size?
standard rule is 1lb per inch = light
personally i think that rule is crap

15" should weigh no more than 11lbs
16" around 12-13lbs
17" around 14lbs

now with that said:
15's are prefered due to the lighter weights and lower rotational inertia (a mass located closer to the central axis point requires less energy to rotate than a mass of equal weight located further from the central axis point) basicly even if you have 11lb 17's ($500+ per rim) an 11lb 15 ($115 per rim) will still be "faster"

read these for more of an understanding of the importance of wheel weight