Satellite Navigation System For Honda Civic 96-00

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For a long time I was looking for something like that. Like a month ago I had a topic about the Honda civic
96-00 console swap. Cuz I liked the look of the new console. But now I have the new idea. I found out that in Japan in 1997 Civic's had a Satellite navigation system. And now it cost around 600$. The guy said that u just swaping the console into ur civic and all u need is just to buy the CD-ROM with american map, u can buy it in any Honda Dealer ships for only 25-50$.
Here are some photos that I found online of all the Consoles and the Console with Satellite navigation system.

Do u think its gonna work?
1st- only post in one forum

2nd- this is compleatly unrelated to anything performance

3rd- get some pics that work
looks like it will fit... give it a shot ... its still expensive as fuck for something that doesnt really do much... and does that replace the radio as well ... if so you are stuck with the stock radio in your car (looks cool but might not support amplifiers or anything else)... if not, where the hell does the radio go??
OK i got this picture but i dont know if its gonna work or not.
U can see the small space for stereo under the Control Console.
I think thats it I can put anything in it and I sow people puting the cd-players in it.

stereo's are overated. why do you need navigation ? are you traveling all the time to different addresses you don't know. if so, you can buy a $100 handheld gps. just buy a regular stereo and put an amp on it and your set. yes your friends will like it but who cares, its your car. you will just want to sell it down the road for money or you be asking your insurance company how much your deductable is !!!