Say No To War on Iraq

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Originally posted by chet@Oct 31 2002, 11:48 PM
also, we have given in aid around 1 billion dollars to yassir arafat over the past decade

we give 5 times that to israel each year.
dude, maybe if you didnt say every dumb cracker thing that popped into your head, you would get pussy on a more than semi-anual basis.

Originally posted by pissedoffsol+Nov 2 2002, 11:22 PM-->
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@Nov 2 2002, 07:40 PM
camel riding fucktards

after saying these things how are you gonna tell someone else not to use racial slurs in this post:

not only are you an uneducated bigot but a hypocrite as well.
Calm down guys, name calling doesn't get this anywhere. This discussion was started to further peoples understanding and to give those that do not want war with Iraq a place to join together with others that share their views. That is why I posted the link. I do agree that it is hypicritical to tell someone else not to use racial slurs and then post some of the stuff above, but this is not my board. If this is going to get discussed at all it needs to be discussed civily or the topic needs to get locked.
you know he runs this board i'd shut up.....oooohhhh
again, what solutions do you (lsvtec) and sixtysecondassissin have regarding this problem we have with islamic fundamentalists.

all over the world people are loosing their lives due to bombings...

and as far as the middle east is concerned, women are not allowed to vote or drive cars and have virtually zero rights. i don't know where you guys get your information but i have talked to girls and guys that have lived in the middle east and now attend eckerd college.

i wonder what publications you are reading and would like you to document your sources. and our government is the most powerful and one of the most intelligent in the world. yes, president bush has the intelligence of a snail but he is just the spokesperson for a larger group of people making decisions.

vice president chaney is very intelligent and another congressman worth listening to is john mccain. he has fought for this country, was a prisoner of war in vietnam and his voice is reasonable and intelligent when discussing iraq.

thankfully we don't have people like you running this country, because it would become a globalized society with increased vulnerability and erroded human rights. this war is a fight for our freedom, to protect what americans have and other countries don't have...etc..etc.
everytime an asshole commits an act of terrorism it errodes on the freedom we take for granted. i swear you guys don't see this...its like you're blind to the obvious. or maybe its just as i like to describe all being too idealistic to be realistic. seriously, look at the world as it is and think of ways to solve this problem.

saddam hussein is only now agreeing to UN inspections because he knows that in a few short weeks his regime would be destroyed. then, this jockeying goes back and forth between UN resolutions and other smoke screens that just buy him time. plus, if bill clinton had taken a stronger stand on terrorism (and i'm sure you supported him) we wouldn't have the problems were having now.

basically, the world turned its shoulder and let the middle east exist without outside intervention, especially have 1998, and saddam hussein's weapon's program goes under full scale operation again.

plus, regimes in afghanistan and even pakistan were known to harbor and have close ties to bin laden allowing them to operate freely. yet bill clinton did nothing to combat this and in return, 3000 fucking people die. how can you overlook this...i just dont' get it.

3000 people, innocent american lives!!!!

try asking someone who lost their son, father or mother in this attack and then rethink your position on this issue.
show me one example where i said we should not strike against those who directly threaten the US. i supported the US in afganistan and if bush chooses to go into iraq, i will support them also. the only reason i got into this was to straighten out some misinformation that you are still dishing out. are you saying that every country in the middle east does not allow its women to drive or vote? yes there are couple. this area is the birth place of civilization. they have been there for 5000 years. yes, alot of things need to change. its easy to criticize them when we have been a country for 300.

im from texas, where the words liberal and conservative are synonamous with pussy. so fuck you for thinking i supported clinton. dont pigeon hole me into all of lsvtecs comments and beliefs.
Originally posted by Afipunk21@Nov 4 2002, 12:57 AM
Ok, I am sensing hostility, time to close this forum...

werd..easy guys..hey it's good to see that there are intelligent people who have rationalized ideas about such a touchy topic..but i wouldn't wanna see this post's very interesting
Interesting? Maybe.
Borderling bashing and hating? Yes.
Ah but it started off really just kinda went downhill. I still think it'd be interesting if the arguments went back to intellectual ones..
once again i'll respond...

you (sixtysecond..), lsvtec and 97integrals are all saying basically the same thing...which is why i lumped you all together in my last post.

what you have said so far has been in direct opposition of military force on iraq which is basically supporting bill clinton's stance in the mid to late 90's. hence, the comment i made. if you want me to, i can spell all of this out for you but i would hope its clear enough.

let me provide you with some more examples showing you why islam creates terror...

there is a group of muslims in egypt and other parts of africa that feel the taliban and bin laden stood for a less than pure form of islam. (afterall bin laden was funded through illegal diamond trading and the taliban were largely funding themselves through illegal opium smuggling...90% of which ended up on britain's streets)

this group (i forget their name) was interviewed by al jazeera and would have fought the taliban had they been given the chance. basically, they're form of islam was in their opinion a more pure and sacred form and everyone else must convert themselves, be taxed, or be killed. yes, this is an extreme perspective on islam but it exists among many groups world wide.

now another interesting point is the act of suicide. at least in christianity and judaism (i'm not associated with either) the act is considered a sin. where as in islam you are going to heaven with many virgins...and you wonder why suicide bombers aren't taking their own lives?

islam is also appearing to be a religion for those individuals less some of the black community in this country..etc..etc. this again can have a dangerous affect on this country because faithful muslims really have shown sympathy to palistinian suicide bombers and haven't spoken out about war in the middle east...

i want leaders like louis farrakhan and others to denounce yassir arafat, saddam hussein, and all of the other leaders in the middle east who support terrorism, support the killing of jews, and support acts of terrorism upon US citizens.
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin+Nov 3 2002, 11:31 PM-->
dude, maybe if you didnt say every dumb cracker thing that popped into your head, you would get pussy on a more than semi-anual basis.

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Nov 2 2002, 11:22 PM
stupid fucking camel ass rammer

@Nov 2 2002, 07:40 PM
camel riding fucktards

after saying these things how are you gonna tell someone else not to use racial slurs in this post:

not only are you an uneducated bigot but a hypocrite as well.

ehh, I really don't care. I'm sorry, but I've never met ONE in my entire life who wasn't either suspuscious looking, etc...

They hate US a lot more than we hate them- so don't think it's the other way around.

yes, I run the board- but I have yet to ban anyone, with the exception of Rmerril, who kep referring to people DIRECTLY as 'chinks' and that is uncalled for.

call me a mick, cracker, whatever- i really don't care, nor does it bother me.... cuz i'd rather be called a fucking white boy than a camel jokey anyday of the year. :axe:
This is not doing any good anymore, SixtySecondAssassin, you need to learn not to get so aggressive when debating. People will always have a differing opinon on things and you need to see that no matter how ignorant, bigoted or brainwashed these opinions sound they are these peoples opinions. Chet needs to realize the same.

Chet, you need to stop the name calling and the mud slinging, you have offered no intelligent, thoughtful, or new opinion in this entire discussion. You have only done 2 things here:
1: Repeat Bush's propaganda almost word for word.
2: Tell everyone how horrible the world would be if liberals ran it.

If you would stop and ask I would tell you that I am not a Democrat. I am registered as a Libertarian. I feel that neither party fits my political agenda. The only problem I have with the Libertarian Party is it tends to attract the crazies. So I generally vote for which ever canidate (Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian) that is the closest fit to my political agenda.

This government needs a balance of view points for it to remain effective. If liberals ran the world we would spend all of our efforts trying to make everyone else's lives easier and not concentrate on bettering our lives. If conservatives ran the world we would spend all of our efforts on trying to make our lives better without giving a damn about the next person. We need a balance of these policies to remain effective and free. I am sorry if you are too close minded to see this need.

I don't feel that any of us will have anything intelligent to add to this thread, it has descended into a playground argument and it is now time to lock it.
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