Seat Inquiry..

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sup peoples..i know doesnt deal with the comestic side of the game..which i can appreciate..cuz im not into show..BUT...i do need some new front seats..if anybody knows any site or peoples near Florida..i need some front seats 4 91 Civic Si...i dont wanna spend lots of please no MOMO,Spearco, links..i dont need to spend 800 on 2 rather put the money in my motor..
The corbeau are nice seats. Calesta has them in his civic, says they make his butt :) lol Just dont go too cheap on seats. The reason why MOMO,Spearco and Corbeau are not 100 per seat is because they are actually comfrontable (sp?) When you buy no name brand or APC seats, after 30 minutes of driving, your ass is going to hurt like the first time you went snowboarding (recent experieance, not good)

Also, look into some del Sol seats. I love my seats and everyone who sees them ask how much i paid for them (impling that they are racing seats) The del Sol seat is one of the nicest OEM seats made by honda and normally you can find them on ebay for about 300 for a set. They are extremly comfrontable, very supportive, and look great. Not exactly sure what it would take to get them in your 91 civic but i am sure it has been done.