secondary O2 sensor

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My CEL keeps coming on for secondary O2 sensor. If my car is burning too lean could that cause it to trip the sensor? The sensor has been goes off randomly ever since I did the swap. I put an HKS cat-back exhaust the same time as the swap. I had my stock cat so I swapped it out with a High flow cat that isn't suppose the trip the O2 sensor. Later the CEL came on again so I changed the sensor and it came on again. The car is burning very lean. Any suggestions?
HOW lean? it may be a godo thign that its throwing the code-- you could be hurting your motor if you are TOO lean
according to the Air/Fuel meter (hooked to the primary O2 sensor) at idle it varies from .05V to .55V at full throttle its around .65V. This is a ruff estimate I will hook a volt meter to it in a couple of days to get an accurate reading. What do I want to be around at idle and full throttle? and what can I do to fix it?
I have just transplanted a B16a into my 1993 Civic, the car has a full sports exhaust system running ok. We're going to de cat the car soon, do you think this may trip the O2 sensor? (I really don't want the CEL light on !!)