Selling Out

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Remember long ago, in the days before FnF when seeing a car with a body kit was the bomb shit. now everyone thinks something is wrong if the honda or the eclipse doesnt have a body kit that is .009" off the ground. And remember when street racing involved cars that were fast, and was generally overlooked by most police depts. (provided the race was in a rural area without much risk). now if you get caught street racing you might as well take the vasoline with you because bubba needs a new room mate.

What i'm pissed off about is how now we have drifting, a very technical sport, that takes a great ammount of driver skill and a lot if technical tunning to your car is soon to be taken over by ricers. Guess what, there is supposed to be drifting in FnF2. I hate people that do things for image and not love. They'll know waht love is when their 3grand body kitted 240 breaks in half against a tree....mawuhawhuwahhwauwahuwhauwhauhaw
I tell people I'm not getting a kit. I'm just color matching my lip skirt and side skirts. You should see the look I get.

wait till FntF2 comes out and people start trying to drift their shit around turns. I don't care about them wrecking their kit, I care that im in the oncoming lane :wall: