Semi-Built LS/Vtec swap obd-2

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K im elling a nice and sold ls/vtec swap ready for any 96+civic.. Very fast and only has 700 miles on it. Selling cuz im going turbo now.Comes with the followwing

-96 LS Block
Integra Type-R Pistons on LS Rods 10.8:1 Compression
ARP Rod Bolts
GSR Oil Pump
GSR Water Pump
GSR Timing Belt
All New Rod/Main Bearings
Type-R Flywheel
New Clutchmasters Clutch
2000 b16a2 tranny
2000 b16a2 Head
Civic Type-R Intake cam
Chikara Header
Integra Type-R Throttlebody
Civic SI axles/shift linkage/mounts

97 p72 gsr ecu

PM me or post offers
Well if your going to treat this site like its ebay. Ill start it off by bidding one dollar.

Post a price.