Should I Buy A Supra?

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its a '88 supra turbo. its basicaly in mint, someone stole the radio out of it but motor/turbo whise, its sound as a pound. oh and rear tires will need to be replaced, they want 2.5k but 3.1k if I make payments? what do you guys think? I haven't tryed kkb yet to see how much its worth going to do that right now....but tell me what you think test drove it today very was rainning today so she was slidding all over. FUN! hehe :D
alright I just bluebooked it and it came out to be 4k so, I dunno? what do you guys think? off to work
:withstupid: but wouldnt everyone :lol: I guess not everyone has thousands to blow laying around.
don't hate on the early model supras......i see them in twin turbo and turbo applications and swept my ass by bus lengths when i still had my CRX B20 turbo. go for it.
Is that the MKII or MKIII body style? I'm not a huge fan of the MKII's, but I think the MKIII is pretty sexy. But, still doesn't beat a MKIV though. :D
the one's that smoked me the most was the MKII, the 7MGTE ones, but the MKIII are pretty tuff too. i lost a couple times before.
Originally posted by kOOlrean@May 19 2003, 08:41 PM
b20 crx turbo :VS: stock 88 twin turbo supra ??

and you wtf!?!?!

He never said that the MKIII was stock, but still he should've won, unless the MKIII had like 400+ to the wheels
if its at a dealer offer 2,000. if they're asking 2500 then i know they got it for at least 1500. i work at a dealer. goto them with the cahs n they'll take it, make them take it.
Yeah, I would say go for it. I have a few video's of some really extremely fast mkII's and mkIII's. With a little modification, they can be very quick.
GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!

i am even suprised you didnt get it right away. if i was right there i woulda got it right away, for i fear someone else might get it.
actualy I don't have the cash for it right now, and was going to make payments, so I am going to try to go up there this fri with like $300 down (haha) and see if they take it, in cash and if not, well....better luck next time I guess......I do want that was nice....if I do get it I will post pics