should i paint my.....

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so i'm cheap..

.and i dont want to pay more than 600-800 on a paint job...but the truth is i rather paint the car my self with a HVLP gun and some 1stg enamel paint with an enamel clear (i know its not necessary)..the reason i dont care too much is because the rex is a beater and i might sell the shell in the near future..and the body is in excelent just needs new bumpers and weather striping

paint gun

this paint gun seems good for what i need it for

paint i might use

what do you guys think?
any kind of gun/compressor i should buy?


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I'd explain it but it'll take too long while I'm at work.


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HOK is good paint, but it's expensive as a bitch and most likely not what you're gonna want for this job.

i'd look into ppg's omni line. a lot of people hate on it, but it's gotten a lot of praise from the people at the site below, and a lot of people on there know their shit.

check out the forums for a ton of great DIY info.

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gun is crap and as for paint go to your local napa dealer and use the dupont singal stage paint masson is the line i did 2 trucks top down for 150 cdn


They make good shit for non-automotive paint, so I would think there auto shit is good too.


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Originally posted by 9 2005, 07:52 PM
how are the napap guns never used one
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napa themselves as far as i know doesnt manufactur a gun battle pope was speaking of the paint line martin seniour...which is what i use everyday and is very good quality paint

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ya i was talking about the senior gun but as for using one everyday I don't think you use the bottom end gun do you?


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martin seniour doesnt make guns. they make paint. No i do not use a bttom of tyhe line gun everyday, i actually use th best gun devillbiss makes......the gti millenium. one for base one for clear.

As for the 400 dollar paintjob, you always get what you pay for


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meh, I'd probably do what all you people are doing and just go buy a compressor, a gun, and some paint so I could just do it myself. Why spend $1000 on a paint job, when you can buy all the tools and then do it yourself for less than that :)


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yeah thats true......but its hard to buy things that i know nothing about......

any one have any other suggestions?