SI>ZC swap

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I just finished my ZC swap and need to know what modifications a have to make. The D16a6 was replaced by a D16a9. I jused the ZC wiring harnes, and it al fits accept for 1 plug The DOHC engine has 2 wires less because it has 1 censor less on the PGM-F1. I heard that i have to do some wire modifications on the distributer but whitch one???
The extra 2 wires are probably the wires for your cam sensor.Im really unsure as your phrasing is vague.But that is my guess.
i didnt think that there was any wiring mods necessary for a zc swap into a si? why didnt you just use your si harness?
All plugs of my ZC harnes accept for 1 fits to my si plugs, so why swap the harness? Or are there some differences?
Originally posted by '89civicSI@Oct 3 2002, 12:31 PM
All plugs of my ZC harnes accept for 1 fits to my si plugs, so why swap the harness? Or are there some differences?

I mean the wires on the engine. should I get all the wires off the ZC engine and replace them with the wires off the SI engine?
OK I'm gonna try to decipher what you're saying:
-The ZC is NOT a D16a9, it is a ZC! If you were sold a "ZC" and it is stamped D16A9 you got ripped off buddy. I think that's a Euro engine from the Civic 1.6i-16 (I wish ours sounded that cool)
-You need to use the Si harness. The harnesses run in different directions.
-The wiring conversion at the distro is:
I THINK you have to convert the plug from the ZC distro to the one from the Si distro. Compare the wire colors: 2 whites, an orange, an orange/blue, a white/blue, a blue/green, and a blue/yellow on the old distro. The new one has all except the blue/green and the blue yellow. Change the wires (not the blue/green and blue/yellow) over to the old plug ONE AT A TIME, by pulling the pins, not cutting the wires. The 2 left over wires from the harness will run to the cylinder sensor on the end of the exhaust cam, closer to the front of the car. If you don't have a connector to use here, just splice the wires, but BE CAREFUL and use shielded wire.

That's it..
OK,thanks i will try to put my si wiring on my D16a9 (DOHC)engine. I have found the cam sensor (2 blue wires)and i know how to modify that but i have found another sensor on my SI engine that isnt on my DOHC engine, its on the heat shield on the exhaust(near the oil stick). Must i swap this to my dohc engine or can i leave it.
that's an O2 sensor..on the exhaust manifold, right? Yeah, your car needs that..and it SHOULD be there! did the new engine come with an exhaust manifold? if so, the holes should be right in the same place. if not, swap the exhaust manifold out (might need to do a port job to it) and plug that sensor it. But the engine needs it, you may throw a code if it's readings are not consistent with the O2 content the car should be at.
I have just checked the dohc engine and i cant find the O2 sensor, there is also now place where it could be. The engine is from a '88 CRX. I also checked the ECU and it doesn't trow an O2 code.
On the exhaust manifold there is no hole for it? I don't understand..look under the car on the downpipe just before the cat, perhaps the hole is there..I dunno why it would be anywhere else..
I know what the problem is now. My old d16a6 is a engine whit katalic conferter and de D16a9 (dohc) is an engine whitout this. So this one has no lambda sensor(O2).I just swapped the wiring of my si engine to the dohc engine. i only have to modify my distrib. wires(camsensor) and then i hope i can start whitout problems.
good luck then..make sure in future posts you distinguish between the engine you are actually swapping and the one you are talking about..a D16A9 is definitely not a ZC and made this post like 12 times more confusing. oh, and:
I just swapped my The old SI wiring to my d16a9 engine and now it starts great, I have only one code left from yhe ecu >>code =11, What doe it mean, what can i do about it?
There's no such thing as a code 11 -- you're probably getting a code 2, which is for that damn O2 sensor. I was gonna say, EVERY car has an O2 sensor, because the ECU uses it to determine the effecticeness of the A/F ratios it is using in the engine by measuring the oxygen content of the emissions. What did you end up doing with O2 sensor? If need be, use your old exhaust manifold with the port for the sensor so that your ECU will get an accurate reading. Then reset your ECU and tell us what happens.
I am sorry to say bit it is a code 11, and when i conect the o2 sendsor to the wiring there is still that same code. I contackted the local Honda dealer and the said the have never had an problem whit that code 11. It has something to do whit your fuel mix.

If you LOOK THERE there is no goddamn code 11, so sorry to tell you but you either can't count can't count. A code TWO, O2 sensor, will affect your air/fuel mixture because with a bad sensor reading, your ECU will revert to a preprogrammed fuel map which is naturally rich. Your local Honda dealer has never had a problem with that one because there is NO SUCH THING!!!!!! You have to put the O2 sensor into the path of the exhaust for it to make worthwhile readings that the ECU can utilize.