SI>ZC swap


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YES i can count and it suprised me too, that code 11. An other civic owner dit the same swap and also put is si wiring on his dohc engine and also had that code. Maybe an ECU bug?

Pause, flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,flash,Pause.
Realy strange.


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have you tried resetting your ecu? try pulling the fuses, then unplugging and replugging EVERY PLUG you can get your hands on in the engine bay and on the ECU, then hang out for 10 mins, and then put the fuses back. see how that does for ya..i don't get it..


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get rid of the 90 teg ecu its meant to run a B18, you need to get an 88-89 teg ecu, or just keep your si ecu for now