Skunk2 Manifold

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Senior Member
Will a b16a skunk2 manifold fit a ls head? Are there any modifications needed to it?
dunno if the B16 one will fit i doubt it though ... they make one for the LS why not just get that one??
ok so now it looks like the question is will the work it needs / quality after modification be worth the 75-85 that your gunna save on it
I had a friend that put a Type R manifold on his LS motor before the Skunk2 came out, but I can't remember what it took. I do remeber that it was really involved though.
TYPE-R Manifold : 307-05-0290

LS Manifold : 307-05-0280

Unless you want to do a lot of work on the manifold, just save yourself the trouble and get the LS manifold.