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D See 2

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i'm sure there is snow alot of places other than here in baltimore but i thought i'd share my happiness with you as i do not have any classes today!!!!!!!!! we ended up getting around 8" here... how much did everyone else get? there's my rex and my GF's 94 civ ex... automatic!!!



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Man, I miss snow, havent seen it in about 9 years

D See 2

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Originally posted by Afipunk21@Feb 7 2003, 08:13 AM
Man, I miss snow, havent seen it in about 9 years

that sucks dude, i love ripping up e-brake around turns in the rex.


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Originally posted by one zexy crx@Feb 7 2003, 08:20 AM
...i love ripping up e-brake around turns in the rex.

I have gotten into too much trouble doing that this winter. Here in the eastern part of michigan, it never snows and when it does, it will melt in like a week. The other day it rained like an inch, that would have been about a foot of snow. That would have kicked ass.


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11 inches and still snowing..

baltimore MD


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Originally posted by E_SolSi@Feb 7 2003, 08:11 AM
not much so far in CT
but its still snowing

I'm on the cost and we're at 6 inches and it's still going (knock on wood)


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i used to live in baltimore, it would snow in damn march too.. baltimores still cool.


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dude i live in wyonig and one time we got 16" of snow from early sunday morning to monday morning and we didn't even have a two hour delay. i was so pissed i skipped school. but here if you get caught skipping school you can get a ticket. an actual ticket from the police. i hate where i live expecially since now that i am out of schooling and i still look kinda young i get harassed all the time.

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i've only been in snow for about 5 days of my life.

that being said, its sunny and around 60 degrees here now :)