SOB, I really am the unluckiest person on HS

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The Trisexual
Now I'm pissed. Today was the shittiest day I've had in a long as time.

Score: 100
First I go to work...I actually make it on time. Plus 1 for the day

Score: 101
I start working, the internet goes down. Negative 5

Score: 96
I start moving some books and they fall on me and cover the floor. Negative 5

Score: 91
I finally decide to open my check and see what the pay is. $350, son of a bitch. Like 5 CD's went across my office. Mind you I usually make $650-750 a week. This is killing me, 400 for tires yesterday, I owe probation 300 on monday, I owe wachovia 300 and I need to get to work. This is not going to work. Negative 51

Score: 50
I decide to stay an hour later to try to attempt a worthy check next week.

I leave, I get stuck in more than usual traffic. Negative 5 cause I was fucking tired

Score: 45
I go to Mcdonalds, they can't take orders cause their piece of shit machines are down. Negative 5, I wanted mozzerella sticks

Score: 40
I drive, get to EZPass in SI to pay the bill, it's closed. Negative 5, I shouldn't have stayed late.

Score 35:
I get into NJ and pull into a gas station. Dude starts pumping, I was trying to add up hours or some bullshit when all of a sudden I feel my car get hit in the front. I look up to see this stupid old man throw his car in drive and speed off. I was like what the FUCK. I didn't catch his plate nor did anyone else. All I saw was that it was a NY plate. I get out to see the damage. Great, broken corner light and scuffed up bumper. Perfect to make my day just that much worse. Negative 50

Score: -15
I continue on my journey home and stop at the bank to cash my check. Oh no probalem i stil have $335, and about $5 in the bank....I was wrong. I had negative $191 in the bank. Now that just set me the fuck off. I am the most pissed off motherfucker alive right now. Now I have $144 until next wednesday. Negative 50

Score: -65
I have probation on monday, I'm probably be going to jail immediately cause I do not have $250 to give the assholes. Negative 50

Score: -115
I still owe Wachovia $1600, I'm supposed to pay them 300 a month, guess this is going to be the first late month and hellow late fees. Negative 25

Score: -140
I just ran out of cigarettes. Negative 10

Final Score: -150

I think I lost.

I'm done


Senior Member
only -10 on the cigarettes? lol sorry to hear about your day man I HATE OLD FUCKS! full coverage though right? you still should be able to get that fixed not worth it if you have a 500 dollar deductable though...your night will be amazing (I hope) o and wtf is wachievo or whatever? and why must you give money to probabtion officers?


The Trisexual
Wachovia is a bank. I owed them $8000 from a couple years ago. This will be the frist time I'm late on the payment.

I owe NJ/Union County $1900 in fines. I'm on probation and have to pay him the monthly payments. Not paying is DEFENITLY a violation of Probation.


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Whats your paypal.. I'll shoot ya 10 bucks. I had a better day and made 500$ on the side selling something that I was given a long time ago


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if I could afford 10 bucks id send it your way but im trying to get my motor in my car lol sorry B


Thank you for your business.
Suddenly Wil flipping a car, burning a car and spinning a bearing is looking like a walk in the park.

That sucks man. Money sucks.


Well-Known Member
DAYUM... I don't even think I could even have that bad of a day if I wanted to. Sorry to hear man, hope things look up for you.

Best two investments for you right now: soap on a rope and a butt plugs. :D

Good luck with everything.


Hate to kick you while you were down but....

not 50
That means you gotta subtract 10 more from that total.
Sounds like my year so far if it is any concolation :unsure:


I wanna be sedated
Sounds like my day....everyday :( Sorry to hear about it y0, bad times lead to good times though, so keep yer head up.


The Trisexual
yea it'll come back up, hopefully next week will be better. I just said fuck it and almost killed a bottle of bacardi last night.

I guess I'll try to fuck with probation and see if he notices, I'll just post-date a check for the bank and probation. $150 isn't going to cut it for the week so nothing is getting paid, they're going to have to wait. I'll keep working late so I can miss a day and be able to make it to work most of the days out of the week..

At least corner lights are only 30 something bucks. I'm sure I can find a used bumper for ~200 or get an RS4 bumper for 350-400.

At least I have $125 comming in from some bs I sold on Amazon. I should have another $200 from ebay later today and by monday another $200 or so from some shit I sold on ebay for some other dude. I also have to do an auction on Monday, $$$$ depends on the outcome, I get 15% of the total sales. I don't remember which auction house it was at but if it's the good one, they make $12-20k a day at an auction.


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wow man, sorry to hear of all this shit. I suggest you take a recount of all you have, all you get and all you want. And if you want to avoid car damage forever, MOVE OUT OF NEW JERSEY.

-> Steve


The Trisexual
oh nooooo.....

it gets even worse and it's only 9AM

Start of the day

Wake up, expecting a better day.

No hot water

In between 6:45-7:00
Grandmother calls asking for money

On my way to work

Run out of gas

Go to gas station, buy a $9 can and 2.15 worth of gas to get to the station

Fill it, still runs like crap but I make it to the gas station, put $20 in.

Still runs like shit, pull over to find the MAF hanging, repaired not a huge deal

No I'm going to be late I'm still 20 miles away and I'm supposed to be there at 8.

Cross the Goethals, speeding to get to work at least close to the time I'm supposed to. Bad Idea.


Now ain't that a bitch.

Stuck in traffic

Make it to work

I have to be at work at 6AM for the next 3 days according to my schedule.


The Trisexual
200 bucks, 250 with the surcharge. 11-31 over is $140 clear.

NYC makes so much money on tickets they can afford not to overcharge like NJ. In NJ that would be a $500 ticket plus so mnay points you can forget about having a reasonable insurance.

I never understood the karma thing?