Sohc, D16, & Now Nitrous.

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Well, first let me say, I posted a race in the Kill Stories called "Damn Ford Ranger". The guy was a co-worker of mine and he gave me his Edelbrock Nitrous Kit (free). What would be a safe shot for my D16Y7? My internals are stock and I have basic bolt-ons: Intake, Exhaust, Header, No Cat. Would a 50 shot be safe. This is a dry shot and has a activating switch at full throttle. The car has 107K miles on it. I would never hit it unless I was around 3000 RPMs (Most of the time in second gear). Any advise would help. Thanks,

:eek: put nitrous in but you can only spray about 1 or 2 times. i have a d16y8 and i sprayed and after a whle i was pouring in aquart of oil a week the rings cant handle it
a guy i know on honda-tech has a d16z6 with over 100k miles on it, running 12's w/ a 60 shot in his EG hatch... I wouldn't recommend a STRAIGHT dry system... i'd recommend a dry with a fuel pressure bumper, or a wet setup though...