Solar Panel Installation on roof

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god i wish NiH2 batteries were available/affordable for home use. they require pretty strict control, but they last near FOREVER when properly managed.

It's what we use on my satellite. been in use for 15+ years straight and no signs of quitting. 15 charge discharge cycles a day with about 20% DOD. 2500W load discharges 20% in 35mins though haha. (~99min orbit period, ~50mins charge, ~14mins trickle, ~35mins discharge)

if i had unlimited resources, i'd probably build a similar system. i can only dream.


plz make that satelite crash land in my backyard :d

horizon looks like just another variant on the yeti style systems.


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I was talking to a customer who did this with his house. He said he's had them for a few months and is really annoyed at the fact that they do not provide him with any type of estimate on savings. He said he calls them and gets the run around. No one can answer his question and when he ask about maybe installing a meter to see how much power the panels are producing they said no can do. He said his power bill seems about the same as it was over the last year or so and has no idea of if they are even working. Said if he doesn't get answers in the next month or so, he's going to tell them to come take their shit back.

My guess is they will threaten him with fees and such for breakin the contract. But he does have a good point. How can they say they are doing what they said it does if they can't prove it's working? For all he knows they could be pumping the power directly back into the grid and charging him for allow them to make money from it.

Sounds like an easy out. All he asked for is a simple break down of power usage.


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Yeah fuck all that. Setting up you own stuff is getting more and more affordable and SA technology is getting better.


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Everyone in this HOA hides shit they do, because they don't want to admit that they're doing anything that might increase the value of their house, and indicate that they're considering selling. Because if they're considering selling, the HOA will "inspect" their house, and issue citations.

Shit like this is exactly why I will not live in a homeowner's association. I passed up 2 affordable houses in good areas specifically for that reason. Sure, now I have a neighbor a few blocks away with a house completely covered in Disney/Mickey Mouse decorations, but it's a small price to pay to avoid that kind of ridiculous bullcrap.


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Yep. No HOA in any home I ever own. Fuck that noise.

My HF antennas generally preclude me from buying a house in an HOA, we won't even get into the VHF/UHF stuff.


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So basically i saw an add on TV that said they will install free solar power system on your roof. So i signed up on the website and talked to a guy for about 30 minutes. After google mapping my location he said i would qualify to have them installed

he explained that the solar company will install and maintain the panels free of charge which would cover about 80-90% of my electrical use and i would switch over to them as my electrical supplier for the remainder of the bill.

So its kid of like having Connecticut Light and Power but switching to New Energy to supply your electricity.

I have an appointment for a consultant on Friday to go over the details.

I have been also reading that on average solar powered homes at about 3.5% or mor to the value of your home.

Obvsiouly the biggest concern is the eye soreness. im not sure how i feel about the whole thing.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Well these panels do add value to your home.. I have got them recently and my home price does raised..
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My home price has raised and I've done jack shit. Hard to believe it followed the market.