Some Major Issues With Hondata

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Well this may be a form of venting post.
Friday night I installed my S200 with boost, my 440cc RC's and my OBDI conversion. Today I had a dyno appointment at the Hondata dealer (not where I purchased the unit from.) and after a frustrating 2 hours the tuner finally decided that seems he was getting a code as soon as I hit 1psi of boost, the S200/B was missing the "B" option. To prove his point he hooked up one of the Hondata units out of one of his cars.....and viola!!! The car spooled up to boost with no problems.
So $210 later, the car was back off of the dyno with pretty much nothing accomplished as far as under boost tuning....seems I do not have the boost option unlocked on my interface unit. I called the Hondata dealer that sold me the unit and he confirmed my serial # with his Hondata invoice that said this unit was an S200 with boost option.
I plan to call Hondata on monday and find out the unlock code for the unit. There still is the matter of the $210 of dyno and troubleshooting time.... Should I see about getting some sort of reimbursement from Hondata? I am about as pissed and frustrated as I have ever been on this issue! I honestly beleive this was an honest mistake, I won't badmouth anybody, ( hence I did not mention any Hondata dealers names involved.) I just feel screwed my someones mistake....

you cant really screw the dealer- chances are he never used the thing. he got it from hondata, and was labeled as s200/b.
go for the throat- right to hondata =)

but seriously, i bet they will make good on the mistake. just dont do anything stupid till you talk to them on monday
Thanks B, I aint planning on it. Like I said, it was more than likely an honest happens. I have heard that the people at Hondata are awesome customer service reps! So I hope everything will turn out for the best. It is just very frustrating.....but man the car pulled nice with the other unit hooked to it ;) !!