sr20det s2000

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You really think that girls would prefer a CR-X over an S2000? Don't get me wrong, I love the CR-X as much as the next guy, but 99% would prefer an S2K any day...
W3RD.....even the chicks that are into cars would still go for the s2000. You might score more tree-huggin' hippy chicks if you tell them you have an HF though. ^_^

Oh yeah, my F&F quote;
" < RRRRROOOWWWW> {sniff,sniff} I smell........skanks. Pack it up ladies before I leave tread marks on your face."
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that movie did nothing BUT promote more ricers.
seriously your intake welds blow out so instead of just getting a bad throttle response and what not he gets this useless floorpan that shouldnt of been cut out in the first place and has green bolts and sparks shot at him. and then the pan falls out. but later Vin is just able to hop in the car and drive off as if he never blew the motor half way out and as if that mystical floor pan is still there. some times. i hate the lack in thought that they have for movies -_-

but still unless the s2k was just sitting around in my backyard with a blown engine (god forbid this from ever happening) and i happen to have a sr20'ed Nissan sitting right next to it but the chasis is just f'ed. i would even bother with the swap. whether or not some one has done it. its just stupid in general.

S2K Matt

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SR2000, do you have any contact info? I have been thinking about a swap like this for a while now and would love some info....

S2K Matt

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haha, thanks captain obvious, I have no other way to contact him, so I figured id give this an attempt.

Thanks for the awesome response tho, its really helpful...

S2K Matt

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Haha your genius astounds me.....

Im just looking for some help and info, that's what a forum like this is for, you don't have to act like you have huge balls by typing stupid things like that on your keyboard at home.

Oh and thanks newb for my new favorite white trash quote:
"Im love runnin a machines and weldin."


Oh noes!!11! He read my public myspace page!

EDIT: "Runnin machines" reffers to what I do for a living. That makes me a skilled professional, not white trash. You = Fail.

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you guys are funny..........chill a bit...

I raped that s2000 motor and dropped it in my celica.
The motor feels at home in the new/old bay. Thats why he is doing the swap. J/K

Either way, it's still an s2000 speeding past you. Hence the term, "Don't judge a book by it's cover. lol
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