Stall, Stumbile On Accel.

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We got a 89 Civic DX with DP injection in our shop. we are kicking our own ass's with this car. we can't fiugre out why when you stomp the gas it bogs down. Plugs. Cap. button, and wires are new. Looked at the Exhaust and there is no blockage. We have put a new Test Dizzy on it, But still has the same problem. any help would be great!
check the timing, and also see if they guy has an ajustable cam gear, might have just put it too far out of adjustment.
Sounds to me like it's a timing problem. But if you said it's all good, then your next best bet is to read the blinking led on your ecu and try to identify the codes. Let me know what the code(s) are. I've ran into a similar problem and came to find out that the two injector connectors were switched. Check that out because they have the same plugs.