B16a rough idle and stalls

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hey everyone i am new to here and sorry if im posting in the section

but im having a problem of my own ive search other forums but didnt get the right answers any ways down to the point

i have a 93 civic with a b16a swap running a PR-3 ecu and just recently my car started having a rough idle and every now and then it will stall while im driving and press the clutch but i can start it right up again. ive change the IACV and a new MAP sensor and i also cleaned the FITV new plugs, wires, and even a new dizzy and the problem still happens if any of you have any ideas that would help that would be great.

Would the tps have anything to do with my car not starting everytime? Every now and then when i go to start it i have to press the gas to get it running but as soon as i let my foot off the gas it will shut off.
Yeah, the tps may be closing to much so there's not enough air getting in to keep it running. There's an idle set screw on the TB as well that you may need to open up a bit more to let some more air in to keep it happy.
Yea i have tried that and it still shuts off after i let go of the gas. The car is fine while im driving it the problem is getting it to start with out me pressing the gas first
ok so i had a CEL on and if i did this right it said code 12 and 14 which code 12 says EGR valve and my car doesnt have an EGR valve and for code 14 it says the IACV and i replaced it with a new one. does anyone know why its throwing those 2 codes really need some help
Could be the wiring on the IACV (actual wires from engine harness to ECU)

You can check continuity to rule it out. (Helm's manual FTW)

Gum'd up and dirty IACV's often don't throw a code. So....wiring.

No EGR is why the other code is out there.

Getting codes....Long flash is increments of 10's. Short flash are increments of 1's
Long pause is a new code coming up.

From my knowledge....FITV is idle control at cold start and IACV is idle control at running temp.

But it sure sounds like TPS.....car dies and such. But I'm not ruling other things...like your CEL's
ok so i fixed my CEL and i was checking my timing belt and it was loose and i turned the crank to TDC (top dead center) and i notice one of my cam gears is off a tooth and my questions are is there a way to just lossen the belt and put the cam gear back in time?
and also is it bad to drive the car like this?
You can get the belt loose and move it back using the tensioner. And yes it's bad to be off timing. Not to say it has ruined you motor but you should get on it ASAP
ok i just wanted to make sure i can just loosen the tensioner and put the cam gear back in time i really didnt feel like doing the whole timing belt unless i really had too
Gently get a pry bar on the tensioner and move it to release the tension. Then take belt off and move it. Put tension back on belt (gentle pry bar) and tighten tensioner back down.
ok so i put it back in time but the car still runs like crap. i also unplugged the TPS while i had the car running and the car idle a little better i drove it around the block and it ran good but then when i pulled it into the drive way and let it idle for a while and it went donw a little and it started bogging out like it wanted to stall would that mean i would need a new TPS or is there a way to adjust it?
well i think u need a new one i dont belive theres a way how to adjust that
yea i will be getting a new one. does anyone have any other ideas of what my problem can be? i havent driven my car in over a week please i need my car!!!
i put a brand new IACV in i was reading there is a trick with the holes inside the throttle body but i forgot which one is which and what it was sopose to do i know you cover the hole and if something stops im not to sure what it is if any one knows can they help me with that?