Star Wars

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Goto your command prompt and type: telnet
You can watch the first 15 minutes of Star Wars Episode IV in pure Ascii art. Below is a screenshot I took. It's hilarious!

you can't link a telnet session.. i dont think...
open up your command prompt and type it in
If you don't know... you probably shouldn't bother. I'm pretty sure IE will open a telnet session though. Just type this in the address bar: telnet:// and then follow it with that address in the first post.
not even that hard, just go to run in the start menu and copy and past that thing.

EDIT, Is this runing off of online or is it instaled on to windows? (some microsoft programs have to much time)
Originally posted by Silverchild79@Feb 7 2003, 09:29 PM
wow okay that was different, what the hell kind of server is that anyway??

Telnet. :lol: