still lookiing for a car to buy...

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I wear stretchy pants
so i was browsing CL again and found this..

B what do you think since you have a beamer?
its in my price range for sure but i wonder if its only because of the miles or if the model is kind of a cheapo model.

Clean 1999 BMW 323i - $2700
flagged for removal
wow, that was fast. i just read the add.

sometimes douche bags will flag it if they dont' want someone else to buy it though. it's annoying.
that or they're suspicious because the price is so low.. was there a phone # listed, or just an email
i knew it had to be to good but i was wondering if i was missing something.

new BMW in great shape except for the mileage for the price of a civic? hmmm

and yeah that was quick on the flagging. I have seen this ad for months now but kept blowing it off. i wanted you guy's input because of the good ''deal''
if there was only an email listed its a scam.. people usually serious about selling a car post a phone # .. hell i even post a # when selling parts..

i see cars for sell all the time for cheap.. but by the pictures i can instantly tell they're not from around here because of the surroundings.. hell i saw an 04 RSX for 2400 yesterday.. the surroundings were snow.. . .. its only snowed twice here in the last 30 years.. hahaha..