stock gsr turbo streetable limits

i have the oppurtunity of gettin rid of my slightly worked ls and picking up a gsr motor and trans.... i have a turbo kit that im piecing together its a turbonetics t3/t4 48. 55. something about there...... small intercooler... 450cc dsm injectors.... AEM FPR and fuel rail....

what my questions are::::

1. how much PSI can a stock gsr short block take.....

2. what kind of WHP would i be looking at with the above rating...

3. any good info please drop on me, for i dont want to fuck this swap up


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anything less than 300whp is good for it. any higher and you are putting it at great risk.

PSI doesnt matter as much as the power you are making. Just dont run the turbo past its efficiency and tell us exactly what turbo it is that you have.

Get the car dyno tuned and tell them you want 280whp and you will be good as long as your tuner knows what he is doing.


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Normally, i'd agree with that..

but, your turbo is pretty small for a gsr.... thats somehting i'd throw on a d16. its going to be throwing in MAD heat to get those numbers... and "small intercooler" is not going to help.

shoot for 250 whp on a solid uber/crome tune if you want to be safe.

my $.02 of course.
The turbo is virtually prefect for the gsr...i did all the figures for cfm and doubled it over the flow map of this turbo... the turbo is going to carry me in 75-80%efficeny until about 8k then drop to about 50%effinecy until 9500, which i dont plan on reaching that rpm any who...

im sorry if i sound like a dick, but im just trying to get the point out...



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sure, it will make the power there- i don't doubt it. but its going to do so at a higher psi level than a larger turbo. more psi = more heat. more heat = greater chance of detonation. detonation = boom.

move to a full sized front mount, and you'll be much better off.

again, my $.02. take it or leave it, but don't say i didn't offer my opinion.


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I agree. get a JRC or CCA FMIC and you'll be set. What are the A'rs on that turbo? You never really specified your setup...
ok guys sorry for bsing, but work keeps me busy all week long

i looked up the AR specs on my turbo

the exhaust side is a .82

all in information i can find about the intake side is its a

T04B turbine, the inducer is 1.904, the major is 2.750, and the inlet is 2.75
this is a S-TRIM

im not sure about the other info right now, and i cant even find my map i made right now

I hope this helps to clear some foggyness