T04b Turbo and Build questions!

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New Member
Hey, so im new to this forum and all and also to the turbo and forced induction scene. As im only 19, im tryinng to gather info and also cut me a break if this is in the wrong spot.

So here is the scoop. I am trying to boost a 96 Integra LS and my goal is about 310 chp, 250 ish whp.
Ive read aroud places that you can run around that on stock internals. correct me if im wrong. I bought T04B Shaft assembly with the wheels and all for like $50. it didnt come with any of the compressor/turbine housings. The little serial tag says its made by Banks turbos. Part # 24002, Model# 311457T04B, Serial 15116. The guy i bought it from said it was from a 6.2 dodge diesel or something and all He said was i needed to buy the t3 housing and t4 housing. This is where im confused!?!? Im trying to learn all of the techinical names of everything im just not quite there. read some places that a T3/T04B 50trim .63ar would be great with this set up. so is the T3 the compressor side with a .63 ar and the t04b 50 trim? this is where im confused. If you could find me a cheaper place to get the hoiusings thatd be great or am i better off just selling this on craigs, and buying a turbo offline? Thanks in advance!