Stock tach vs Autometer Monster Thing

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Well i just finished swapping out my stock DX cluster out with a EX cluster. Anyways it was simple.. plug in plug out.

I bought my civic dx off some rice boy who had a huge monster tach. Anyways its not my style, im shooting for more of a sleeper look. But the thing is that when I drove with the Monster Tach I would NEVER and i mean N-E-V-E-R reach 6 grand. It was out of the question i would just loose power it wasnt worth it. But today after i did the swap i took the car out for a spin to see how it would do. And i found that the stock tach was reaching 6 - 6,500 before i would lose power and end up shifting, and I wasnt driving it any harder than normal.

so im just curious if any of you have ever heard of this. and if you have any idea on which one is more accurage the Huge monster beast or the stock EX tach.
Hook up something that reads rpms directly from the ECU, like a VAFC or whatever it is that Apexi makes which is a display panel only... I don't remember the exact name of it. Go hit their web site and look. Something like that will give you a much more accurate readout than a mechanical tach, and you can hide it a little more easily.
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Oct 12 2002, 06:30 PM
it is a vafc. or you could get hondata and datalog that mofo

I know it's a VAFC- but Apexi also makes one that doesn't allow tuning, and displays more information than the VAFC does. I don't remember what it's called though.

If you want realtime readout with a Hondata, you're going to have to hook up a computer and a screen.
its the "rev/speed" meter ... only shitty thing is it only measures in metric :( damn US standard measuring system
Oh it's metric only? I didn't know that... it shouldn't be too hard to make a quick conversion to English units- so why wouldn't they include that in there?!
not sure ... i wanted to get one till i found that out ... the old one was US or Metric ... the new one is only metric ... tried to call Apex to see if there were plans to make one in US ... after a 30 min maze in the automated answering system i got pissed off and hung up... so i never found out