Strange Internet Problem... (help)

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Capt. Orygun

Win the Day
I just reformatted my harddrive and now whenever I open something in a new window it won't load. Great way to block popups, horrible if you ever want to click on a link, anyone know what the prob is??
check your internet security settings. When you try to click on something (in internet Explorer) is there a do not enter sign followed by restricted in the lower right corner? If so, adjust your internet security settings to like medium (tool > internet options > second tab)
no the new window comes up, you can see on the primary window that's the link is loading, then, nothing. The new window just sits there, it's blank.
Internet explorer 6 - you know, the web browser- go to and re-ionstall it, then run windows update up it so you get the sercuirty patches and hotfixes.