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We've decided to cancel Netflix.

we've seen everything we care to see at this point and little new content being added that interests us. Probably will come back to it in 6 months of a year.

I have the cheap plan cuz i'm a cheap ass. $9 i think it is.

What else is out here to try out?

- we already have prime, but similar situation there with content we already saw or don't care to see but will keep it for shipping anyway.

The wife wants to try hulu (the $7 one). What's on it that i can't get with pluto or other 'live' services offered that's worth spending th emoey on? are there original shows? quantity of them?

I hate that it has ads. why pay for it and see ads (ya know, like cable).

All the big 600-dollar options like live tv and youtube tv and apple tv / etc don't interest us.

it takes literally a whole day to get through 2 episodes of something with the baby. lol
Firestick 4K and cinema HD checks most boxes and it’s free after the cost of the stick which most have already.
We have Netflix, showtime, prime, Disney plus and 250+ channel cable with DVR. My combined bill with gig internet is $160. (Excluding prime).

I have a login to Hulu, HBOmax and apple+ from family members. Also Plex server so we get all the good good early.

We have a few shows we watch regularly when they're on or new. We switch pretty regularly between platforms as new shows come up. Only watch maybe 1 show a night except maybe weekends. Which keeps us pretty busy.

Right now watching Ozark. Wife is watching some garbage called dynasty so I guess I am too. Really pumped for Reacher.
I have a roku, so getting these apps is not an option. Plus, it's illegal (most of the content is torrents). i'm trying to stay legit here.
I kinda bounce around depending on what I wanna watch. Right now I have Peacock Plus and I'm watching Yellowstone. Probably go to Paramount after this so I can watch season 4 and the prequel (1883).

I keep Netflix and Prime. New lady friend never saw Ozark so I started watching that again. My son uses the Netflix at school and I use his Hulu very occasionally.

For locals I have a pretty good OTA antenna on the garage and a Tablo OTA DVR for any network content I want to record.

My internet package includes the basic package and that allows me to use the apps for ESPN, fox sports, FX etc etc etc. I keep looking for a way to just go to Internet only but it really only saves me a few bucks a month so I'm sucking up the 135/month for gigabit. Maybe once AT&T runs fiber I'll have a better option. Hopefully.
I cancelled cable like a year ago and don't miss it. paying $95 for gig E.

I can't get anything with an OTA antenna. Nothing comes in. I've tried it in a few rooms. The ftc site says i should get stuff but i don't. I dunno.
I have a roku, so getting these apps is not an option. Plus, it's illegal (most of the content is torrents). i'm trying to stay legit here.
I have a Roku tv in my bedroom and Samsung tvs throughout the rest of the house. Plex is legit. I access my own media server that I ripped my DVDs years ago onto when I moved and wife made me get rid of them.Now with a giant ssd it's super fast. But it's in the closet, until I get a bigger garage for it.

So I use Plex to access my brother in law's media server. Still legit. Plex also has a ton of free content too. Like crackle, etc.

Once your kid is older, Disney plus is the jam. We only let our daughter watch some TV a little bit a week but man it's full of content.
I second plex, its good, especially if you own a lot of dvd's or already downloaded content to run as your own server, even better if you know someone with an extensive server they will share with you.

I think prime is the worst on your list, not a whole lot of good stuff but the biggest suck of them is that they mix in shit thats included and shit you have to pay for. the interface is garbage and having to sift through to find something only to discover that its not included with prime is bullshit. You can select an option to only show what is included but I cannot figure out how to make it the default setting. It especially does this bullshit on the kids profile. we even pay extra for pbs kids and half the shit that is supposed to be included isnt. As soon as the kids lose interest, im cancelling prime. hardly anything has actual 2 day shipping and I have no qualms with saving a few items to hit the free shipping without a prime account.

we pretty much run with netflix, hulu (ads, its combined with my spotify account otherwise i would pay a little extra for no ads), disney+ through a friends account but we hardly use it, and free stuff on youtube.
Firestick 4K and cinema HD checks most boxes and it’s free after the cost of the stick which most have already.
This plus a million. And no, it is not a torrent B, it is streaming it and you are not serving any of the content. If you're that paranoid use a VPN like Nord or IpVanish.